The perfect way to succeed.

For beginner, intermediate, and elite swimmers. Claire can tackle all ages, all strokes, and all techniques. Claire has 23 years of experience and has swum her whole life. She started swimming on a summer league team when she was six and slowly climbed her way up the ladder to Olympic Gold Medalist.



$35 for 30 minutes
$45 for 45 minutes
$65 for 60 minutes
$10 for add-ons

$30 for 30 minutes when you purchase
6 lessons at one time (total $180)




Video Analysis

Video Analysis is done after a swim session. Video is taken during the lesson, analysed via video editor, and sent within the week. This is an amazing addition to a lesson. It gives the athlete an opportunity to see what they've done and how they can continue to work on thir technique. The video typical includes voice over explanation with notes right on the video. This is definitely one of my favorite tools to use.

In-Water Instruction

In-water instruction is used most commonly in two ways:

1) It's needed for beginner swimmers. 

2) It's a great way for me to demonstrate and assist the swimmer with certain techniques: moving the hip position, tilting the head down, etc. 

Video Feedback                   

Video feedback is a great tool to use on the spot during a lesson. This gives the swimmer a great visual for what they are doing. A lot of times an athlete can't tell they are doing something that's affecting their stroke. When you show them, a lot of times the correction can be made easier and quicker.



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