Not your Ordinary Speech

This weekend I got the opportunity to speak in front of 800 people at the most unique venue I’ve ever spoken at. I love being able to talk at schools and in front of swim teams, but when you get the chance to stand in the middle of Dolly Parton’s dinner and show you do it. The Stampede was hosting hundreds of Girls Scouts from around the area and asked me to speak. Of course, I said yes, but did not realize there were going to be that many people. When I walked out in the middle of the arena I was a little nervous with the very bright spotlight, this big open space, and hundreds of eyes on me. To be honest walking out there I felt a little bit like a celebrity.

When I spoke I talked about their dreams and how everyone has this picture in their head of what that BIG dream is. But I got them to see this image as puzzle and how each piece helps this picture come together. They control what pieces they leave out and what pieces they put together, and how that picture will turn out.

Standing there in that venue may have been a little nerve wracking, but it was so neat being able to do something like this. It was one of those moments I was very grateful for saying yes.

Claire Donahue

dolly parton stampede.jpg