3 Quick Things to remember before your BIG MEET:

Stand a Little Taller. Your body is constantly talking to your brain. If you are hunched over, head down walking to the blocks you are telling your brain that you are scared. Now, that might be true and that’s okay, but a lot of times a little change in body language will send a message to your mind saying, “okay I can do this.” Try it!

The Work is Done. Remember all the workouts you’ve done. There are a lot of benefits of doing really hard, painful workouts, but it’s funny how, as athletes, you can completely forget all those 200 fly practices you’ve done. Think back on those workouts; it’ll make that 1 x 100 fly seem like a piece of cake.

Have a Little Fun. This is always the hardest one to do, but sometimes the most important. Look back at your favorite things about swimming. Dancing being the blocks. Listening to your favorite music. Laughing with friends. Cheering on teammates. RACING! Whatever it is try to do more of it at your next meet and see what happens.